Welcome to American Boyers


Welcome to the American Boyers official website. Please read through a couple of the items below as some changes will be happening soon.

Some updates (8/30/2013)


1.   The 110th Reunion in 2014 will be held on Saturday July 26th. It will be at Knoebels again in the same pavilion. More details will be on the website later in the year.


2.   The planning for a new web site is going on right now. A web designer has been lined up and we expect to do some major changes to update and allow for more interactivity. Also we are looking to add online preregistration for the reunion, submittal of material, and many other things. Keep an eye out.


3.   Relative to the web site changes and work on the index volumes of the Boyer histories we are looking for pictures from reunions, especially of the places where they were held. A complete list will be posted later, but some of the places going back through the years include: Dryville (1900s), Kutztown (1910s, 1930s, 1940s, 1960s), Any others before 1940, Long Park (1960s, 1970s). Even postcards from some of the locations would be great. Let us know through the contact us button at the upper right. On the updated site we will have the ability to upload them. Any help is greatly appreciated.

4.   We will be looking for help on formatting the indices and more will follow on that in the coming months as there are over 150,000 records that need to be verified and corresponding page information added to the records.


More to come, so keep your eyes open.  Thanks

 -William Boyer, President 2013